Monday, March 14, 2011


Treen's Trinkets is now officially LIVE!!!

Thankyou for stopping by my little blog shop and I hope you like what I have on offer :) All items in this store are my design, handmade by me and I am passionately possessive of my work so I really hope and pray that all who stumble upon my work respect my personal copyright to these products (I know you all will though right ;))

Anyways, as with any opening week - there are things that will be moved and updated as I go. There are new photo's of items to be taken and then updated in the product ranges and also 2 more ranges in polymer creations that will be completed and released - they will be up by the end of this week and ready for purchase!

I aim to have new releases once a month, and these will co-ordinate with the Scrapbooking Top 50 Crafters Market. At the markets I will have selected items on special as well as the new releases (which will be at a reduced introductory price as well!!!)

To celebrate opening this week

Feel free to browse around, leave comments if you wish
and feel free to drop me a line at

Thankyou again for stopping by Treen's Trinkets!!!


  1. treens im so excited i cant wait to buy your gorgeous trinkets! p.s. can you PLEASE make sure there are some for us slower internet users to buy? with some of these handmade embellishment sites they simply do not cater for the numbers they are getting which is increasingly frustrating!!! xox

  2. consider it done Kate - they are made to order so no risk of running out ;)