The Nitty Gritty

How to Order:
Simply email me at with the items you wish to order and any customisation you wish for your items - simple hey!!!  I'll email you back with details for payment and an approximate timeframe for your order to be completed.

Outside of extenuating circumstances all orders should be completed and in the post to you within a week of payment being received.

Once the items are posted I will take no responsibility for loss during transit.  You have the option to purchase registered post for $2.50.  Items will be posted in either padded envelopes or small boxes for safe transit.  Postage starts from $1.20 and is capped at $6.95.  Purchases over $20 (in the one order/week) will be shipped free of charge!!!

AKA - The Fine Print:

All designs here are my creations, they are handmade so each one has it's own individual variations making them a one of a kind piece. Please do not copy my work!!!

Photographs are of samples only,  I will make your request once order has been placed and paid for.  Payment is by direct deposit only at the moment. 

Polymer Clay Pins, Beads, Charms and Buttons:

Made from polymer clay these are all original handcrafted designs. Each one of these items are my design, they are hand crafted by me (no moulds ) so every one of them will be unique. There will be slight variations in size etc as a result of them being individually crafted. They come to you oven baked and sealed ready for use. It is your choice if you wish to have them as a stand alone item/button/bead or with a pin or a charm/hanging loop.

I have attempted to represent each item accurately in relation to size. The matt some of the items are photographed on is measured in inches - the heavy lined squares = 1 inch square... there are 5 little squares to an inch. Items on the white card had rulers for a guide.

Beaded Beauties:

Again, these are my own personal designs and creations - PLEASE DO NOT COPY MY WORK!!!

All items are handcrafted by me, and come with wire pins on the underside to allow fixing, or you can request without the fixing pins. 

These gorgeous little trinkets are made with quality glass beads and wire.  If there are plastic beads or other items used they will be in the description so you know exactly what you are purchasing. As the are individually handmade they you have the flexibility of choosing your own colour schemes and minor tweaks to the style.

Old Fashioned Bottle Tops:

Made from CLEAN and UNUSED bottle tops (just in case you were wondering who drank all that alcohol!!!  LOL  The images inside each of these are 1 inch in diameter and sealed using a clear sealant.   There are a few different Old Fashioned Bottle Tops ranges.  Some are repeatable, others are one of a kind or limited addition pieces - meaning what you see is what you get, no more once sold!!

If you are purchasing from the regular range of Old Fashioned Bottle Tops (or BT's for short) they will be made on order.  Photographs of these are example only.  This is the same for the semi custom range, they are the bling and the vintage book, dictionary and music style bottle tops.  As with all custom/semi-custom work please allow a week for your item to be completed and in the post to you :)  Upon receiving your order I will email and confirm your specifications for each item.